Welcome to the Appointments page.


Lots of changes this year and some things are staying the same.

First Change. Please all make Dermot Griffin welcome as the new Essex Society Appointments Secretary.

His email address is [email protected] (this is the bit that hasn't changed)


For the first time this year we are using an appointments system called 'whos the ref'

This is a web based system and you can log on to it at http://www.whostheref.com If you are a member of Essex Referees Society or a Club Fixture Secretary and you have supplied us with your email address, you can use that email address to log in, following the instructions on screen when you do so for the first time, or after you have forgotten your password again.

Referees and other officials can see their appointments and Fixture secretaries can check that we have all of your fixtures entered correctly (and if not email Dermot as soon as possible) and also see if referees have been appointed, whether they have confirmed their willingness to referee your game all at your leisure.

Of course you will still be expected to contact your referees and confirm any details with them before 7pm on Thursday for a Saturday match or you will still be in peril of losing them.

The other feature of the whos the ref system is that it will send out emails when appointments are made, changed or cancelled to help you keep on top of things.

However, the whole system depends on having full and accurate data so you are all, referee other official and Fixture Secretaries alike, recommended to check your details carefully because if the underlying information is wrong then everything built on that data will go the same way. (Rubbish in, rubbish out.)

I hope you all enjoy the experience this year and will ALL do your part to make it run smoothly.

Remember there are no clairvoyants involved in the appointments system.


Bob White
(outgoing Appointments Secretary)

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