Here are the new versions of the Discipline Forms for use during the 2012/13 season.

As a reminder please note the following points:

If you issue a red card you MUST complete the Society Sending Off Report. This report should be sent via email to Alistair Newton and a copy to Sean Stone within 48 hours of the offence – Alistair’s details are: [email protected] , Sean’s are: [email protected]

We can quite easily improve our reports if we stick to a few basic principles when compiling the details of the incident box.

  • All details of incidents should start with an introduction similar to “On Saturday 22nd September 2012 I was appointed to referee the London 2 North East fixture, CLUB1 Vs CLUB2. Prior to the red card being issued to PLAYER’S NAME there were no incidents of foul play.”
  • The foul play incident should be described in as much detail as possible, but should never offer opinion, just stick with the facts. You only need to mention the facet of play in passing that the foul play occurred from. As the ball moved away from the breakdown/scrum/lineout I saw CLUB1 No7 and CLUB2 No4 pushing and shoving each other. I then saw the CLUB1 No7 strike his opponent in the face with his right fist which was clenched.
  • Briefly describe what you did. I blew my whistle to stop play immediately and separated the players. Word of warning anyone running in from distance at this point needs to be dealt with as well!!!!!
  • How was the card issued? In the presence of CLUB1’s captain I showed PLAYER’S NAME a red card for striking/punching an opponent and directed him to leave the field.
  • What then occurred? PLAYER’S NAME left the field immediately or PLAYER’S NAME stood on the pitch and refused to leave and only went once asked again and with persuading from his Captain.
  • A brief summary of any injuries sustained as a result of the foul play is also good practice. The player punched in this incident sustained a bloodied nose/no visible injury that I am aware of.
  • If the incident produced more than one red card or a yellow card as well then the detail of the report should state this clearly so that the discipline committee are aware that you took other action against other players.
  • If the player spoke to you after the game to apologise or otherwise then this should also be included in the report.

I hope the above pointers are of some assistance, but should you need any clarification or further guidance please feel free to contact Aistair Newton.

Any case of Match Official abuse should be reported using the Society Match Official Abuse Report; this report should be sent to Alistair and copied to Sean


The form should be saved and sent as an e-mail attachment, please do not use the submit option on the form as it will be sent to the RFU. Thanks

Updated RED CARD FORM 2013

2012-13 Match Official Abuse Report

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