Are you interested in being rewarded by involvement with the skilful art of refereeing the international game of rugby union? Then read on! Rugby, a game which has been around since 1823, is now played in over 125 countries throughout the world. Rugby refereeing, at all levels, provides real opportunities for travel and subsequent friendship with others in the game, both in the UK and other countries. You can become a referee, touch judge or referee advisor. Want to know more about becoming a rugby referee? Then please contact Sean Stone, [email protected] the Society’s Secretary: or Bob White, the Society’s membership secretary: [email protected]

Benefits of becoming a Referee

What can rugby refereeing offer you? Speed, Fitness, Skills, Friendship. Would you like to be a part of the big hits, the great tries and up close with the players? Well, you can do this at any level; the referee always has the best seat at the game! Whether a player, ex-player, coach spectator, school student, or supporter, refereeing can offer you a totally unique involvement in the game. Here are some benefits that refereeing provides to both men and women.

Fitness and Health You can keep fit and healthy, both mentally and physically, by being involved in regular fitness programmes specifically developed for refereeing. People of all ages, shapes and sizes can be a referee.

Camaraderie As a member of Essex Society, you are part of a very large and supportive team and club, with world-wide links. Both socially and professionally, this team works together to fine tune and develop skills in refereeing, on and off the field.

Management Skills Management skills are developed in a fast and physical game, where you are required to make sound decisions under pressure. Instant decision making, judgement, control, empathy and game knowledge are all a part of the holistic development of a referee, which enables him or her to be not only a better referee, but also a better member of society.

How far can you go? International rugby refereeing, the pinnacle. Imagine running onto Twickenham or Murrayfield with a packed crowd cheering! Refereeing at the international level as a full-time, paid official is the ultimate, and will provide you with the opportunity to travel the world on a regular basis. Be a part of the Rugby World Cup, the third largest sporting event in the world, held every four years. Be a part of Sevens Tournaments played in exotic locations around the world.

Touch judging You may want to become a touch judge for your local club. It is a vital aspect of the management of the game, and in itself a very rewarding and viable alternative to refereeing. You work as a part of the team of officials who manage the game.

Referee Coaching The referee coach is becoming an increasingly important part of the game. You can become a referee coach at the end of your refereeing career or, for those with many years’ experience in rugby; you may see this as your starting point in officiating. A referee can improve only with good coaching. You can be part of the game on a local basis and coaching can also open opportunities at the representative level.

Referee Assessing A continuance from referee coaching, this also offers its own inherent rewards at representative levels.

At what level can you Referee? You can referee at any level you wish. Refereeing is essential at all levels of the game of rugby and therefore there is a role for everyone. You can referee at a much higher level than you have played.

Mini rugby. Under 9-10 The first contact rugby for youngsters, and a challenge and reward to referee.

Juniors and school rugby Provides both midweek and weekend competitions at varying levels of skill for all referees. It can be a great starting point for your refereeing career or help to continue your development.

Senior Rugby This can be a game with a local club side that only runs one or two teams right up to clubs running five or six sides, along with the proportionate increase in refereeing skills required.

County Rugby So called because of the make-up of teams coming from various towns, cities, and counties and playing other sides from these areas. A wide range of these games is on offer to help referees with their development.

Seven-A-Side A fast exciting game, which lasts 14 minutes and is now played both locally and internationally.

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