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Please Note:  As of August 2013 the Essex referee society has merged with the North Region of the London rugby referee society. Any comments, information or referee appointment requests should be directed to [email protected]





From the start of next season there will be a global trial of the “crouch, bind, set” scrum engagement sequence, aimed at enhancing player welfare by reducing impact on engagement. …Read the Rest

 Players’ status after sending off and before a disciplinary hearing  

Please find below a summary of communication sent to CB Disciplinary Secretaries. If you require clarification on the content of …Read the Rest

Law 4.3 – Studs

The IRB Rugby Committee at its meeting in March 2013 re-iterated that Studs of players’ boots must conform with IRB …Read the Rest

IRB Law Clarifications – July 2012

Clarification in Law by the Designated Members of the Rugby Committee Clarification: 2?2012 Union: RFU Law Reference: 3, 5, 8 …Read the Rest

RFU Age group regulations

The RFU have issued amended age group regulations. Please see select the following links for more details: RFU changes to …Read the Rest

IRB Global Laws Trials from August 2012

The International Rugby Board and its Member Unions have sanctioned a global trial of five aspects of Law amendments following …Read the Rest

New mini-midi rugby rules

New rules are due to come in force September 2013 but may be put in practice this September.

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